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Wuxi Jinlong

Wuxi Jinlong is a leading Chinese fabricator in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, tanks, reactors, compensators, dehumidifiers, pressure pipe components, expansion joints, subsea tree frames, and related products. Wuxi Jinlong has a large existing install base in Canada/USA for their products. Wuxi Jinlong fabricates their equipment in Wuxi City, China (about 140 km west of Shanghai).

Wuxi Jinlong has their own internal ASME “U” Certificate Authorization, ASME “U2” Certificate Authorization, and ASME “S” Certification Authorization. They are familiar with the Canadian and USA codes, and in particular in Canada with the governing regulations such as ABSA/BCSA/TSASK/CRN Registrations/Etc.

Wuxi Jinlong’s repeat business with so many of the largest and most advanced facilities in Canada/USA speak to their high standard of quality, design/fabrication skills, and how they treat their customers

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