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Titan ACC Air Cooled Steam Condensers

Titan Thermal’s steam condenser with single row fin tube design was developed to mitigate the design and operational challenges associated with multi row designs.


The most beneficial feature of a single row system is its resistance to back flow of steam as each tube in the single row tube bundle has the same condensing capacity. This completely eliminates the back flow concerns that are generally encountered in multi-row systems where non-condensables get trapped and lead to dead zones.


The fin tube bundles are designed such that tubes are secured without the use of side frames, facilitating easier lifting and fitting during erection at site location.

"A" frame ACC Air cooled condensers are ideally suited for Canada's cold weather climate to prevent freezing and in applications where an ACC is placed in an high fouling environment.  Single row "A" frame ACC's have the advantage over multi-row designs to to cleaned with minimum man-power requirements allowing the user to return the back pressure to its original state. 

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