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GC Broach
Direct Fired Process Heaters

Titan Thermal & Process Soutions Inc. is the Canadian Sales Representative for GC Broach, which manufactures from their facility in Tulsa Oklahoma. The G. C. Broach Company is a unique, independently owned organization of experienced professionals whose only endeavor is the design and construction of fired equipment.


Presently, we estimate that The G. C. Broach Company equipment is producing over 868.7 Billion BTU’s of heat each day. The company was established in 1960 on the premise that the depend- ability, longevity, and performance of any heater are all directly equated to the soundness and thoroughness of the basic engineering techniques employed in the design and construction of the unit. And, that the common causes of most operational problems and failures could and should be identified, recognized, and eliminated in the basic design of the equipment.


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Special emphasis is given to fundamental manufacturing and design factors which rarely find their way into a bid tabulation, such as: uniform heat flux distribution, firebox configuration, combustion volume, flue gas flow, the mechanical integrity of the heater structure, and vendor engineering fabrication and supply response time. In addition to the full range of industrial process heat applications, The G. C. Broach Company has cooperated in the development of numerous special research applications and pilot plants.


Types of Heaters Engineered and Fabricated
by the Broach Company


– API 560 Heater
Charge Heater
Chemical Heater
Column Reboiler Heater
Crude Heater
Crude Oil Heater
Debutanizer Reboiler Heater
Direct Fired Heater
Dowtherm® Heater
Feed Heater
Fractionator Reboiler Heater
Glycol Heater
HDS Reactor Heater
Heat Medium Heater
High Temperature Carbon Dioxide Heater
High Temperature Gas Heater
High Temperature Oxygen Heater
Hot Oil Heater
Heat Transfer Fluid Heater
Large Vegetable Oil Heater
LPG Cavern Storage Off Loading Heater
Petrochem Heater
Petrochemical Heater
Petroleum Heater
Phenol Heater
Pipeline Heater
Platformer Heater
Propane Storage Heating System
Propane Vaporizer Heater
Reactor Charge Heater
Reactor Feed Heater
Reboiler Heater
Refinery Asphalt Heater
Refinery Heater
Reformer Heater
Regeneration Gas Heater
Splitter Reboiler Heater
Stabilizer Reboiler Heater
Steam Superheater
Still Reboiler Heater
Stripper Reboiler Heater
Thermal Fluid Heater
Thermal Liquid Heater
Thermal Oil Heater
Therminol® Heater
Titanium Tetrachloride Heater
Tower Feed Heater
Turbine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Heater
Unifier Charge Heater
Vacuum Heater
Water Bath Heater

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