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Steam Turbines


Shin Nippon Machinery
Multi-stage Steam Turbines and Generators

Titan Thermal & Process Soutions Inc. is the Canadian sales representative for Shin Nippon Machinery. Shin Nippon has a strong install base in Canada and the USA for steam turbine generators and provides steam turbine generators up to 100 MW. Through utilizing one centralized location in Hiroshima (Kure City) Japan for manufacturing, Shin Nippon is able to uphold the highest quality standards for their highly efficient designs. Shin Nippon Machinery manufactures and sells multi-stage steam turbine generators and pumps.

Shin Nippon offers custom engineered power generation/mechanical drive multi-stage steam turbines including: condensing multistage steam turbines, condensing multistage axial exhaust steam turbines, internal extraction pressure control steam turbines and multistage back-pressure steam turbines. Shin Nippon Machinery also provides process/boiler feed pumps, such as overhung pumps, between bearings pumps, and vertically suspended pumps for use in oil refining, petrochemical, and gas processing applications. Shin Nippon Machinery was founded in 1951 and their head office is in Tokyo, Japan. Shin Nippon Machinery has office locations in Hiroshima (Kure City) and Tokyo Japan. Shin Nippon Machinery is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries who have about 18,000 employees world-wide.

Link to Shin Nippon Machinery’s Steam Turbine division with more specific details on their products:

Link to Sumitomo’s global office locations in North America, Europe and Asia:

Skinner Power Systems
Single Stage Steam Turbines and Generators

Titan Thermal & Process Soutions Inc. is the Canadian sales representative for Skinner Power System’s single stage steam turbines and generators. With a rich heritage that goes back to the start of their company in 1868, Skinner has manufactured over 20,000 steam turbines. This has provided many years of operating experience of using steam to drive pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, mills, electric generators and other equipment. Skinner Power Systems manufactures single-stage steam turbines for mechanical drive and electric power generation from their factories in Erie and Polk Pennsylvania. Skinner Power Systems manufactures single-stage steam turbines of proven design for mechanical drive applications up to 3000 horse power and steam turbine generator packages for electric power generation up to 2MW. Skinner Power Systems custom designs your steam turbines and steam turbine packages for the job you need to be done. Skinner turbines are installed throughout the world within many diverse industries and are performing within various climates. Their steam turbines are built tough and have many uses, with extensive references across Canada/USA and across the world.

Skinner Power Systems can rebuild your single stage steam turbine mechanical drive or steam turbine generator as a cost saving option of any make or model. We can also combine serviceable old components with new components to assemble a newly rebuilt turbine for you.

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