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Zeeco Power Group

Boiler Burners, OTSG Burners, Duct Burners and more

Zeeco is the global leader in combustion and environmental solutions for the refining, gas processing, production, petrochemical, LNG, power, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food processing, marine and offshore, and biogas industries. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with more than 40 years of industry experience and a worldwide footprint of

built-for-purpose manufacturing facilities, Zeeco’s reputation for excellence in engineering, reliability, and integrity sets the industry standard. ZEECO® product lines include ultra-low emission burners, gas and liquid flaring systems, hazardous and non-hazardous waste incinerators; vapor control, vapor recovery, and flare gas recovery units.

Typical Applications

Zeeco Power Equipment: New and retrofit, low and ultra-low NOx, round and duct burners for power applications.  Common applications in Canada include boiler burners, OTSG Burners and duct burners.  Zeeco also provides burners for the following applications 

Typical Applications for our Burners

• Packaged water tube boilers

• Field erected boilers

• Circulating/bubbling fluidized bed boilers

• Stoker boilers

• CO boilers

• Recovery boilers

• Marine boilers

• Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG)

• Once Through Steam Generation (OTSG)

• Hot Water Generators (HWG)

Ancillary Equipment & Services

Ignition systems
• Pilots
• Flame scanners
• Dampers,actuators,positioners
• Cooling air blower skids; simplex/duplex • Oil pump skids; simplex/duplex

• Combustion electronics
• Burner Management Systems (BMS)
• Boiler Control Systems (BCS)
• Fuel delivery skids
• Physical air flow modeling
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling • Engineering/feasibility studies
• Boiler impact studies
• Forced draft and FGR fan assemblies

• Combustion air inlet weather hoods, inlet boxes, FGR mixing boxes and silencers

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