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Steam Turbine Surface Condensers

Design Expertise 

  • Condensers designed for efficient operation with optimum steam distribution, non-condensables separation, and cooling water utilization

  • Shop-fabricated with steam flows up to 300,000 pounds per hour

  • Condenser ancillary systems and controls – including non-condensable air removal system (ejectors or vacuum pumps) and condensate pump system

  • Proven condenser design and fabrication experience with installations worldwide 

  • Surface condensers for Power Generation or Mechanical Drive applications including Refinery, Chemical, HVAC, and Marine industries 

  • Designs for top or side steam inlet. Multiple arrangements can be offered for condensate hotwell storage.

  • Special features such as Divided Waterboxes, Removal of dissolved gases, and provisions for Condensing with Multiple sources of steam and water can be furnished.



  • Fabrication and design to Heat Exchange Institute Standard (HEI) and ASME Code. Others such as TEMA, API, Seismic Codes, and special customer specifications can be included.

  • Fabrication using special materials for seawater or other severe applications. Materials such as copper nickel, naval brass, titanium, duplex stainless steel, and others can be furnished. Standard materials are carbon steel with stainless steel or brass tubes.

  • Condensers can be furnished as a Complete System (with ejectors or vacuum pumps for air removal, condensate forwarding pump package, instrumentation and controls). System accessories are shop assembled and tested to the maximum extent to provide for easy installation and startup.

  • Experienced in meeting stringent quality requirements and customer specifications such as for refineries 

  • Site Assistance and Operator Training are available


Auxiliary Equipment - Condenser Systems &


Accessories View

  • Ejectors or Vacuum pumps

  • Condensate pumps

  • Level controls

  • Interconnecting piping

  • Electrical Controls and Instrumentation

  • Atmospheric Relief Valve or Rupture Disk

  • Steam duct and Expansion Joint

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