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Interpro Technical Services

Titan Thermal & Process Solutions Inc. is the sales representative for Interpo Technical Services. Since 1987, Interpro Technical Services has specialized in field maintenance services for critical rotating machinery including steam and gas turbines, generators, and peripheral systems. Their customers include major companies in the pulp and paper, oil and gas, and power utility industries across Canada.


As an independent service provider, they are OEM-trained and skilled in servicing virtually all makes of rotating machinery. Their innovative and reliable customer service, quick response times, and breadth of services provide our customers excellent value, while reducing plant downtime and disruptions.

They have the people, tooling, parts, equipment, and expertise necessary to provide these comprehensive on-site maintenance and overhaul services:

- Turbine and generator overhauls, including planned and emergency
  outages project planning and management.  

- High-quality, critical path parts supply, reverse engineering upgrades and            modernization of turbines, control systems, steam paths and strainers
- Customized training for operators and other personnel

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